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Genesis 950

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Dock Blanket with Mounting Hardware

It saves energy by preventing the transfer of temperature controlled air out of the facility.

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November 6, 2014

Amerikal & I.MER sign an exclusive sales & installations agreement for North, South & Central America

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A Revolution In Printing.
William Shakespeare’s Complete Works

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the poster

Illuminated in blue print, Shakespeare makes a stunning image. The image is printed on beautiful 100 lb dull enamel wood free paper measuring 19 inches by 25 inches.  Over 4.8 million characters make up the image of Shakespeare and the background. Although completely invisible to the naked eye, those characters comprise every work penned by Shakespeare. As you zoom in with a loop, or the camera of a SmartPhone, the text becomes visible. Each letter is compromised of 90 micro dots. This is a revolution in printing - a fitting tribute to Shakespeare.

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Parts Washer Solvent Management System


Thanks to Amerikal and our customers, millions of consumable and non-consumable goods are packaged safely each day. Printing is one of the oldest and largest industries in the world. It encompasses newspaper, book, magazine printing and much more. The food and pharmaceutical industry also relies on the printing industry to safely deliver products to consumers.

Today, Fortune 500 companies rely on Amerikal's sustainable chemistries and products to print and package both consumable and non-consumable goods.

We think about the effects of packaging. Whether it be a carton of ice cream, a bag of chips, a frozen dinner, or your prescription medication, we ensure that everything is done so the chemistry used in packaging and labeling those products is safe. Safe for the product and safe for you, the consumer. Since 1989, we have been providing printers worldwide with safe and sustainable solutions.

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